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CATEGORY - A Download Form
Serving and retired officers of Pakistan Armed Forces / Defence Service establishments as per procedure in vogue.
Serving civilian officers paid out of Defence services Estimate (BPS 17 & above having minimum 10 years services). Retired Civilian officers are not eligible for registration in Category "A".
c. Officers of the Armed Forces who have been released either in Pakistan or retired/released before August 14, 1947 and subsequently acquired Pakistan Nationality.
Armed Forces Officers who have resigned their commission, dismissed or removed from service are NOT ELIGIBLE.
CATEGORY - B Download Form
Executive Board may grant Registration in Category-'B' to individuals / Companies / Firms / Organizations / Establishment / Foreigners etc, on payment of requisite membership fee.
CATEGORY - C Download Form
For person / persons who, through gift / inheritance, acquire any share / interest in any plot / property allotted initially either to a member of the dissolved society or to persons registered with the Authority.
For DHA employees who are allotted staff plots, for owners of leased property in Neelum Colony and Qayyumabad.
CATEGORY - E Download Form
For allottees of property in Neelum Colony and Qayyumabad.
CATEGORY - F Download Form
For owners of small Flats / Shops measuring ie Flats up to 1200 Sq Feet and shops upto 250 Sq Feet respectively.
CATEGORY - S Download Form
For persons who are allotted property through special allotment and widows of shuhada.
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With a bona fide inception, Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority was established for the welfare of honorable officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The prime aim was to provide exceptional standards of life to the officers who have been serving the state for years. The Housing Society began with an allotment of mere 76.2 acres of land but through remarkable planning and meticulous urban development, DHA evolved as the largest and leading .. Read More

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