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ADHA Inspection Team
DHA Medical Testing Lan is providing Material Testing facility to get reliable results in competitive rates / time to all charactor / consultants work with DHA & CBC. Details of test conducted are as under :-
i. Sulphate water / Soil i. Soil Classification
ii. Chloride Water / Soil ii. Modified / Stqndard Protector
iii. PH Value iii. Socked C.B.R - 3 Point
iv. DS Value iv. Field Density Test
CONCRETE v. Liquid Limit & Plastic
I. Gradation of AGG and Sand (per Sample) vi. Gradation Test
ii. L.A Abrasion Test vii. Hydrometer Analysis of Soil
iii. Specific Gravity of C/AGG & Sand viii. Specific Gravity of Soil
iv. Sand Equivalent ix. Max & Min Density
v. Curshing value of C/AGG x. Clay Content
vi. Impact Value of C/AGG xi. Natural Moisture Content
vii. % Elongation of C/AGG xii. Unit Weight of Sand
viii. Flakiness Index C/AGG xii. Determination of D-10 / D-85 of Soil
ix. Cement Setting Time ASPHALT
x. Mortor Cube Making & Testing I. Gradation C/AGG & Crushed Stone Dust
xi. Concrete Cube Making & Testing II. Specific Gravity C/AGG & Crushed Stone Dust
xii. Concrete Cube & Cylinder with Capping Compressive strength III. Penetration of bitumen
xiii. Pcc Solid & Hollow Block Compressive Strength iv. % Elongation of C/AGG
xiv. VIBRO Consistometer v. Flakiness Index of C/AGG
xv. Concrete & Asphalt Core Cutting Test vi. Extraction Gradation Asphalt Mix
  vii. Marshall Stability & Flow Test
  viii. Preparation of Cake
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