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The members are advised in their own interest not to violate construction By-Laws as only the owner of the house is responsible for construction and not its Architect / Consultant or the building contractor.
a. Do get the latest site plan of the plot before getting the building designed from your architect.
b. Do follow sequence of action for construction of your building as under:-
  i. "A" Lease.
  ii. Submission/Approval of building plan.
  iii. Demarcation of plot.
c. Do submit contour plan of the plot if level difference of more than 5 ft from the road level exists.
d. Do observe the rules, regulations and instructions of the department for supervision of construction work.
e. Do observe the rules, regulations and instructions of the department whose services are utilized i.e. KESC, PTCL, Sui Southern Gas etc.
f. Do plan your building keeping in view of existing services at site.
g. Do take all necessary precautions to respect the privacy of neighbours during construction.
h. Do keep photocopy of all necessary document on site for necessary checking by DHA staff.
i. Do obtain No Observation Certificate at various stages of construction works.
j. Do fix water channel under the main gate to avoid flow of water onto the road.
k. Do construct ramp as per specifications given in the construction By-Laws.
l. Do obtain Completion Certificate after completion of building.
m. Do get "B" Lease of your house registered after completion.
a. Do not use plot for the purpose other than for which it has been allotted.
b. Do not undertake construction work without obtaining demarcation certificate.
c. Do not indulge in any violation of Construction By-Laws.
d. Do not damage the property on neighbouring plots while carrying out excavation.
e. Do not encroach upon the neighbour's land or the road while constructing boundary walls in chamfered portions in corner plots.
f. Do not extend construction of building in compulsory open spaces (COS).
g. Do not construct anything in COS like Servant Room, Bathroom for Servant, Car-porch with terrace and pergola, Spiral Stair, Air Raid Shelter/Basement etc.
h. Do not construct sunshades in COS of your residential building beyond allowable limits.
i. Do not construct any room over top of the third floor for commercial and over first floor for residential buildings.
j. Do not construct guard/sentry post in COS bigger than 65 sq ft.
k. Do not carry out road cutting with out obtaining permission from DHA.
l. Do not install motor pump on the water supply line.
m. Do not connect water without permission of DHA.
n. Do not grow trees/vegetation so as to encroach/occupy the space outside your plot.
o. Do not construct steps outside your plot.
p. Do not construct sunshade/design additional to 2 feet allowable projection in commercial buildings.
q. Do not construct any type of projections/flower bed on front boundary wall.
Note : Fixing of hoarding on building is not permitted.
Permissions are not granted by DHA Building Control for following types of commercial activities in shops:
1. Welding 2. Denting / Painting 3. Mechanical Workshop 4. Tandoor 5. Scraps Storage etc 6. Service Station
1. Commencement Of Construction Work
  Construction work shall be completed within three years from the date of sanction of building plan approved by Cantonment Board Clifton.
2. Extra Land Provision
Available extra land is offered to an applicant plot owner or to his neighboring open plot owners as per merits of the case. The extra land sometimes found to be already under occupation of the owners, is also regularized on payment. The extra land rates for residential & commercial plots are fixed and revised separately from time to time by the Executive Board of the Authority.







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