The transfer of open plots is carried out in any of the following manner:-

Normal Transfer Transfer by Gift / Hiba Zabani Bila Ewaz Transfer to Legal Heirs
a. Transfer documents as per instruction slip are submitted one day in advance along with required documents. Sign Before is executed the following day subject to scrutiny.
b. Personal appearance of owner (transferor) is mandatory before DHA City designated officer at the time of Sign Before.
c. Transferor must be in possession of valid original ID documents (CNIC, NICOP, POC etc or valid Passport (for foreigners).
DHA City provides facility to owners who cannot appear for Sign Before at DHA, to request for DHA designated officer to complete the required procedure at their residence either within or outside Pakistan. All expenses (Traveling, Boarding, Lodging and DHA service charges) are payable by the applicant.
Members (owner) residing Overseas desiring to transfer the property may submit transfer documents duly attested by concerned Pakistan mission abroad provided that their membership is updated / renewed in DHA City record through personal appearance.
First take a decision whether to sell the property or not. If the financial requirement can be met without disposing off the property, then do not sell it as the property value continues appreciating with the passage of time. Selling can also be dictated by investment in lower cost properties for real capital value additions.
Once a decision has been made to dispose off the property, contact reliable sources to find out its existing market value. Do not give the plot number; instead just give the belt, street, phase and the size of the plot.
Find out from friends, colleagues and other sources about contacts of reputed property agents. Once the approximate price value is determined, contact the best property/real estate agent and task him for the demand value. The demand value should be approximately five hundred thousand higher than the existing market value. Meanwhile do not contact any other agent. Wait for his response. Once a reasonable offer is received accept the offer on the condition that the name of the purchaser will be mentioned on the advance agreement in order to avoid the chances of re-sale of the deal and off-loading of property in number of hands.
d. Never agree to transfer of property to a person who will be later nominated as it is the beginning to re-sale property in number of hands.
Bind the time limit in the agreement of not more than 15 days from the day advance against the plot is received and give a definite last date i.e. 15th July 2009, after which the seller is at liberty to sell the property to anyone else.
Ensure to include the clause in the advance agreement that if the buyer fails to make the balance payment by last date then the advance money received by seller will be confiscated and similarly if the seller refuses to transfer the said property then he will return the double of the advance (Bayana) received. (Ensure all payments are made through bank pay order / drafts).
Ask the agent/buyer to provide a photocopy of bank pay orders or bank draft for out station to seller for confirmation of ready payment at least a day earlier than last date. Get these verified from concerned banks.
In case the buyer does not respond by last date make sure you present yourself at DHA transfer office and get your presence recorded under the camera and give an application of complete details with a copy of advance agreement. This will help in reselling of plot and a safe guard against any legal action from unsuccessful buyer.
For successful deals ask the real estate agent to deposit transfer papers at DHA a day prior to the date of transfer. Original Intimation Letter or allotment letter or transfer order has to be attached with the transfer papers. On the next working day present yourself before the DHA designated officer for "Sign Before", ensure to carry along original CNIC and DHA City membership card, also the service card in case of service personnel. You will be photographed while affixing thumb impression.
After the signing before the complete set of transfer documents along with cancelled Information / Intimation letter or transfer order will be returned in the hands of seller, hand over the documents to buyer on receipt of payment / bank pay orders or drafts.
To take special care of you, DHA Karachi provides additional security measures to sellers that inspite of signing before in front of DHA designated officer the property ownership remains your's as long as the set of transfer documents remains in your custody. In case of dispute the property can be revalidated in your name within the specified period. However no claim will be entertained once the set of transfer documents are in possession of buyer.
DHA City Transfer and Record Directorate functions five days a week (Monday to Friday) to provide information and address any grievances. An experienced nucleus of staff with strong professional and personal integrity bonafides are functioning with duty and service. DHA remain committed to efficient, swift and effective transfer and purchase procedure not practiced elsewhere. This is the singular most important reason for real estate credibility of DHA and to this end remains its commitment. Public dealing is very sensitive subject where everyone expects to get priority over others. However best efforts are made to take care of every one with the motto "To ensure each visitor goes back satisfied if the work is legal and within the rules regulations".

In view of the malpractices in the market during sales / purchase of DHA City Plots, following guidelines are provided to respective members in order to avoid any malpractice / fraudulent activity:-

a. Complete payment may be mentioned on Sale proceed / Agreement to Sell.
b. Do the Agreement for sale/purchase of plot in your presence.
c. Must check the authenticity of Demand Draft / Pay Order before signing the transfer documents in front of Transfer and Record Officer, DHA Karachi.
d. Must verify the price offered from the market be finalized in writing before making the deal
e. Mode of payment and time schedule must be finalized in writing before making the deal.
f. Service charges/commission of property dealer should be decided prior to the finalization of the deal.
g. Always make an endeavor to check the market reputation of the dealer.
h. Seller must carry Information / Intimation letter or transfer order and CNIC at the date / time of deal.
i. Must cross the copies of Information / Intimation letter or transfer order and CNIC while handing over to the dealer.
j. During deal put a restriction that you will meet seller / purchaser before transfer process to confirm the amount.
a. Do not pay / accept price in multiple instruments, pay/accept only through single DD/PO unless specifically required.
b. Do not give your rights to property dealer for finalization of sale/purchase of plot in any circumstances.
c. Do not sign any paper / affidavit prepared by the property dealer before reading the documents.
d. Do not sign the Biana affidavit before finalization of terms/conditions regarding sale/purchase of the plot.
e. Biana should not be signed by the seller unless it is signed by the purchaser.
f. Do not give the right to the purchaser for sale of plot on Biana / Affidavit before transfer of plot.
g. Avoid selling property to the dealer, if possible.
h. Do not give your exact plot number while getting assessment from the market.
i. Never give your original "Information / Intimation letter or transfer order" to anyone except to the "Transfer Officer" at the time of conversion to "Information / Intimation letter or transfer order".
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