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Sewerage Treatment Plant removes contaminants from waste water, primarily from household sewage. This is accomplished through physical, chemical and biological processes that remove the contaminants from the sewage water to produce environmentally safer wastewater (or treated effluent). The Combined Effluent Treatment Plant thus plays a pivotal role in maintaining neat, clean and healthy environment.

A number of small Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) have been planned in DHA Phase-VIII to maintain a pollutant free environmentally safe and vibrant living environment in the area. A STP was already working in DHA Phase-VIII which was taking the sewage input from Phase-VI pumping station and treating it to provide sewage treated water to irrigate the greens of Golf Club. Another 2.4 MGD Sewerage Treatment Plant has also been completed and made operational. This is manifest of DHA’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

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