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Phase-VIII is the biggest, most modern, well planned and fastest growing phase of Defence Housing Authority which constitute 45% of the entire area of DHA. Phase-VIII is undergoing mega development activity, the mammoth infrastructure development work all its sectors has been completed with a degree of quality and excellence by the spirited project team of Phase-VIII. Phase-VIII has undoubtedly come up as a model and vibrant phase showcasing the progressive image of DHA.


The Phase-VIII is envisaged to come up as a model and vibrant phase showcasing the progressive image of the DHA. The infrastructure development works has been done as per the international standards in accordance with a progressive master plan and contemporary town planning concepts that will give a boost to further development of the area.

The wide and spacious roads developed have all design features to cater for future extension, drainage problems and incorporates suitable footpaths and service roads with all underground service utilities network, including power cables. Similarly, the sewerage and water supply system are futuristic and cater to future expansion. The overall development can be termed as truly momentous, signifying an initiative for a quantum leap forward in the field of development and construction.

The DHA, however, is also mindful of the need for availability of utility services including water, gas and electricity in the area before it is opened for construction. The DHA has already laid the utility services infrastructure in the Phase-VIII to a large extent and has all the plans ready to lay the remaining electricity/gas infrastructure once it gets a green signal from KE and SSGC for the same. The efforts for ensuring provision of water, electricity and gas in the area at the earliest are concertedly going on.

The cherished journey of development and progress in the area continues with many new initiatives and interventions in the offing. The DHA is determined to give a qualitative lifestyle to its residents having the potential to enrich their lives. In this regard, the DHA recently made some progressive interventions in Phase-VIII that has given a new dimension and an added value to the area.


There are six sectors in Phase-VIII (A to E and E8). In all sectors, Infrastructure Development Work has been completed. This includes road carpeting, sewerage, water supply and electrical works including street lights. Sectors A & B are open for construction

Sector-A 100 %
Sector-B 100 % (Except provision of partial electricity & gas).
Sector-C 100 % (Except provision of electricity & gas).
Sector-D 100 % (Except provision of electricity & gas).
Sector-E 100 % (Except provision of electricity & gas).
Sector-E8 100 % (Except provision of electricity & gas).
Creek City, a project based on the theme of horizontal and vertical development designed to provide all modern facilities in one location, is a visionary concept of quality living on the most valuable Arabian Sea Waterfront. Under the aegis of DHA, this futuristic project, aims at value addition to quality of life and real estate in same order of priority. The launch of Creek Vistas, the first residential phase, marks the beginning of Creek City focused towards quality construction standards and aesthetics.
Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)
The DHA has successfully completed 2.4 MGD Sewerage Treatment Plant at the cost of approximately Rs498 million and is operational since November 2014. By completing this project, the DHA has reflected its commitment to environmental consciousness.
Phase-VIII Graveyard
A well-managed and planed graveyard has just been completed in Phase-VIII. The graveyard has the capacity of almost 3,000 graves (Including graves for children). Presently, 1,337 graves have been constructed. This graveyard is a big step to lower down the space storage in the existing graveyards. The ready-made graves prepared at the graveyard are a part of modern century that has been established. Each grave is designed to look similar to maintain uniformity. A person sitting at home faraway will be able to offer Fateha for their loved one while watching their graves via a video linking system.
Smart Electricity Network
State-of-the-art electricity network comprising underground electric cables, 750 KVA KIOS in place old Sub-station and 500 KVA PMU (Pad Mounted Unit), in place of old Pole Mounted Transformer (PMT), is being laid in Sector-B. Presently, 4 x KIOSKs and 19 PMUs have been commissioned. The remaining sectors i.e. E8, C and D are expected in the next few years will also be provided complete infrastructure for electric.
Phase-VIII Directorate Office Building
The Phase-VIII Directorate Office building is under construction on Defence Avenue and will be completed in the next two years. It will facilitate easy access to our valuable residents of Phase-VIII.
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