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For membership of Marina Club, it is mandatory to own or co-own (with existing member of DAMC) a boat, which is registered with Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) of Govt of Pakistan. The boat should be parked and operated at/from Marina Club. Application along with the registration of the boat should be addressed to the Secretary DAMC for processing of the case. Club is exclusively for water sports enthusiasts. Thre are following categories of Membership at DA Marina Club:

  • Regular Cat A
  • Regular Cat B
  • Diplomat
  • Corporate
  • Golden
  • Gymnasium Guest Membership (GGM) (Exclusively for Gymnasium facility)

    Checklist / Requirements

    Candidates for Marina Club's membership are required to be owner /co-owner of a boat, the same should be registered in his/her name with Mercantile Marine Department (MMD). Furthermore, he/she should also be member of Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

    Selection Procedure

    Following procedure is adopted for induction of new members:

    • Perspective Profile Proforma will be issued on production of CNIC of the person along with spouse wishing to acquire the membership.
    • Profile Proforma will be filled in own handwriting by the candidate and his/her spouse to be submitted in the Club's office.
    • The candidate has to select proposer and seconder from the list of existing permanent members of DAMC.
    • Interview with Secretary DAMC will be arranged on mutual convenient date and time. Candidate along with Spouse, proposer and seconder to be present for the interview.
    • Secretary would issue the membership form to the candidate.
    • On deposit of membership form duly completed, a candidate will deposit 50% of entrance fee and full security deposit. Thereon a candidate will be placed on the waiting list for ECM interview.
    • On his/her turn, candidate will be invited along with his/her spouse to meet the Executive Committee.
    • On approval of Executive Committee, candidates fulfilling the mandatory requirement of membership i.e owner or co-ownership of a boat, will be allotted membership number and facilities of the club will be extended. Successful candidates who do not fulfill the mandatory requirement of owning or co-owning of a boat will be afforded 06 months from the date of ECM interview for fulfilling the mandatory requirement. During this period they will not be allowed to utilize club facilities. However, candidates who own or co-own a boat within 06 months will be allocated membership number and they will be allowed to utilize club facilities. In case of failure to own or co-own a boat within stipulated time, application of such candidates will become void and the amount deposit will be refunded as per Club Rules.
    • Notwithstanding, a candidate may be issued with Temporary Visiting Card prior to ECM Interview subject to owner / co-ownership of a boat. However, this allowance is only applicable on case to case basis and subject to necessary approval of Chairman Executive Committee of DAMC.


    Entrance Fee
    Security Deposit
    Regular Cat 'A' Rs 150,000/- Rs 150,000/-
    Regular Cat 'B' Rs 1,200,000/- Rs 300,000/-
    Diplomat US $ 5,000/- US $ 3,000/-
    Corporate Rs 900,000/- Per Director Rs 300,000/- Per Director

    Gymnasium Guest Membership (GGM) Fee Structure:

    GGM Registration Fee per Year
    GGM Package Charges
    Half Yearly
    Male Rs 15,000/- Rs 8,000/- Rs 22,000/- Rs 40,000/- Rs 75,000/-
    Female Rs 15,000/- Rs 5,000/- Rs 13,000/- Rs 24,000/- Rs 45,000/-


  • GG Membership will be non-transferable.
  • All charges will be in advance and non-refundable.
  • Specific exercise courses/fitness programs will be charged separately.
  • Right to afford GGM is reserved with DAMC.
  • About Us

    Marina Club located at Gizri Creek was established in 1991. The Club was primarily founded to facilitate and encourage water sports activities and started with modest activities. However, over a period it has established a name to be reckoned amongst the leading Club in water related activities... Read More

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