Regular Members
a. Category A - Army / Navy / Air Force Persons b. Category B - Civilians
  i. Prospective member & spouse fills profile proforma.   ii. After scrutiny by club management membership form is issued.
  iii. Cost of A Cat Form Rs. 1000/-   iv. Cost of B Cat Form Rs. 2000/-
  v. Completed form along with requisite payment and DHA membership certificates are submitted in the club office.
  vi. Invitation for meeting with club Executive Committee is issued. Waiting period is (6 to 9 months).
  vii. Prospective member along with spouse is interviewed by the Executive Committee. viii. Member is intimated result in writing.
c. Gratis - A Grade 21 / Equivalent and above officers.    
  i. Approval obtained from the Administrator.   ii. Interview on required basis
  iii. Completed form along with requisite payment / certificate is submitted.    
d. Category B Grade 19-20 Officers.    
  i. Approval obtained from the Administrator   ii. Completed form along with requisite payment / certificate is submitted
  iii. Invitation for meeting with club committee is issued.   iv. Prospective member along with spouse is interviewed by the Executive Committee
  v. Member is intimated about outcome in writing vi.
  • Member is terminated on retirement / transfer whichever is earlier
  • Mess and Dinning Members
    Defence Officers posted at Karachi / Malir Cantt:-
    a. Letter and Certificate from Commanding Officer is required b. Membership approved by Secretary DACC
    c. Membership is terminated on transfer / retirement which ever is earlier    
    Official Members
    DHA Officers BPS 19 & above
    Rules regarding absentee membership are as follows :      
    a. Minimum period of absentee is 6 months. b. Maximum period of absentee is 5 years.
    c. Any previous arrears/dues should be cleared in full. d. Members/Households cards are to be deposited in the club.
    e. 6 months absentee fee @ Rs.1300/- per month is to be deposited in advance.      
    f. If the member is also a member of another club of the Defence Authority, he/she and his/her households cannot use the facilities of that club also, during the absentee period.
    g. If prior to completion of six months period the club facilities are used, then for the entire period full subscription would be charged.
    Following Forms are available, please click to download :
    Membership Card Form (Spouse & Household)

    Car Sticker Form

    Monthly Subscription
    Household Subscription
    Over 12
    Under 12
    Category - A
    200,000/- 3,880/- 1,155/- 800/-
    Category - B
    2,000,000/- 4,850/- 1,155/- 800/-
    40,000/- 2,800/- 585/- 430/-
    Mess 40,000/- 2,610/- 315/- 315/-
    Dining Facility 25,000/- 430/- - -
    Gratis - A 250,000/- 4,850/- 1,155/- 800/-
    Gratis - B 500,000/- 4,850/- 1,155/- 800/-
    2,200,000/- 6,990/- 1,155/- 800/-
    About Us

    Creek Club was inaugurated in 1993. It is one of the most valued and renowned clubs of Pakistan owned and run under Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority Karachi. It is located in DHA Phase VIII, Karachi. It has an area of 25 and half acres that goes along magnificent creek side. It has many indoor and outdoor sports facilities to provide relaxation to its thirty seven hundred members and provides excellent food with impeccable services to the members on reasonable rates... Read More

    Our Contact
     Defence Authority Creek Club Zulfiqar Street no.1 Phase VIII DHA Karachi
     92 21 35841901-4
      Fax: 92 21 35840381